Abbs Service

Any Branch Banking system(ABBS) is a facility for our customers to operate their account from any of our networked branches. The branch where the customer maintains his account is the base branch and the branch from where he carries out his transactions is referred as the remote branches. Any Branch Banking facility is available in all branches . We've introduced free Any Branch Banking System(ABBS) with an objective to provide you with the most convenient service possible. Now, you can withdraw or deposit cash from any branches of Kankai Bikas Bank.



Cash Withdrawal: You can withdraw cash from your account from any of our Core connected branches .

Cash Deposit: Deposit cash for credit of your account through any of our core connected branches.

Fund Transfers: Instantly transfer funds between your accounts or between your account and any third party account maintained at different core connected branches.

Deposit of Local Cheques: You can deposit local cheques at remote branches for credting the proceeds after realization to your account maintained at base branches.

Stop Payment facility at Remote Branches: You can give instructions to Stop Payment of cheques issued by you at any of our branches by simply giving a written request. You can also revoke the stop payment instruction issued by you earlier