STC (Tariff & Charge)

STC (Tariff & Charge)

A. General Operations:

S.No. Name of Charge/fees Charges (Rs.)
1 NRB Cheque issuance  Rs. 300.00 Flat (In case of bank own payment will be free)
2 Stop payment of cheque Rs.100.00 Per instruction. 
3 Standing Instruction (Except Call -current transfer)  Rs.100.00 per instruction.
4 Cheque 'Good For Payment' Rs.200.00 or 0.02% of face values of cheque whichever is higher.
5 Cancellation of 'Good for payment' cheque Rs.200.00 Per instrument (original cheque must be returned in bank for cancellation) 
6 Cheque returned (due  to insufficient balance)

Rs.150.00 per cheque for both over the counter and clearing chequ return.

7 Issuance of balance certificate
  1. Rs.300.00 per certificate
  2. Rs.50 per additional certificate

(Free once a year for corporate accounts for audit purpose)

(Balance to be shown based on closing balance of end of day of any)
8 Cheque book issuance (Fresh)


( Advised to issue only Five leaves at one time per personal account and Ten leaves for corporate accounts, normally)
9 Cheque book issuance (Against lost cheque book)


10 Charges for uncollected cheque book Rs.200.00 (Cheque book not collected for more than 1 month of issuance)
11 Single cheque leaf print  Rs.50.00 Per page.
12 Duplicate FDR print


(To print duplicate FDR pre-approval from CEO should be taken, compulsorily) 
13 No due certificate Rs.500.00 Per certificate
14 Inward and outward remittance commission  As per agreement with remittance companies.

Clean bill purchase/discounting

(subject to limit/approval)
0.05% of face values per day till realization or Rs.1000.00 whichever is higher. (plus postal and other bank charges incurred during realization of the cheque) 
16 ABBS charge
  1. Up to Rs.2 Lacs - Free
  2. Above Rs.2 Lacs to Rs.5 Lacs - 0.05% or Rs.200 (Flat) whichever higher.
  3. Above Rs.5 Lacs - 0.04% or Rs.300 (Flat) whichever higher. 
17 Account close Charge
  1. No charge will be taken for account close if it is closed after Six month of account opened.
  2. Rs.400 will be charged if account is closed within six month of account opened.
  3. If cheque book not to be returned Rs.20 per cheque leaf would be charged for unused cheque.
18 Clearing charge As per the charge taken from the NCHL to B/FIs
19 Interbank Payment Service (IPS) Charge 
  1. Up to Rs.50,000.00  – Rs 50
  2. Rs.50,001 to Rs 200,000.00 – Rs.100
  3. Above Rs 200,000.00 – Rs 150 or 0.05% whichever is higher

B. Trade Finance :

S.No Particulars Charges (Rs.)
1 Bid Bond 0.35% Per quarter or minimum Rs.1000.00 Per quarter whichever is higher. 
2 Performance Bond 0.35% Per quarter or minimum Rs.1000.00 Per quarter whichever is higher.
3 Advance payment guarantee 0.50% Per quarter or minimum Rs.1000.00 Per quarter whichever is higher.
4 Supply credit guarantee 0.50% Per quarter or minimum Rs.1000.00 Per quarter whichever is higher.
5 Amendment not affecting value and validity Rs.1000.00 Flat
6 Amendment affecting value and validity

Will be applying fresh issuance rate.


Guarantee cancellation

 (Before expiry)

No charge.

C. Credit :

S.No Particulars Charges (Rs.)
1 Credit inquires by other B/FIs Rs.200.00 Per inquires
2 CICL charge & Black listing and delisting charge On actual basis.
3 Commitment Fees (Term finance & WC finance) As per CPG/PPG and terms of approval.
4 Prepayment charge As per CPG/PPG and terms of approval 
5 Administrative Service charge 1.00% of loan limit with minimum Rs 2,500.00 to be paid up front.
6 Loan renewal Fees At least 0.50% to 1.00% of the limit renewed. 
7 Public notice publish charge (for both credit and deposit)

On actual basis.

8 Loan swap charge 2% of loan limit. 
9 Penal interest loan (principle)  2% p.a. 
10 Penal interest on interest As per approval.
11 Collateral/business/project inspection charge Nill
12 Collateral replacement or partial release charge Rs.3,500.00
13 Interest on other receivable/force loan (force insurance and others) Highest publish rate
14 Account with overdue interest/installment As per approval
15 Non performing/provisioned accounts As per approval

D. Mobile Banking :

Particulars  Charges (Rs)
Individual  Institutional 
Registration Charge Rs.Free.00 Rs.Free.00
Renewal Charge Rs.200.00 Rs.300.00
PIN reset Charge Rs.50.00 Rs.50.00
Telephone No Change Charge Free Free
Per Transaction Charge ( Card less) Rs.25.00 Rs.25.00
Intra Bank Transaction Free Free
Inter Bank Transaction- Slab    
Rs 1- Rs 5000 Rs.10.00 Rs.10.00
Rs 5,001- Rs 10,000 Rs.15.00 Rs.15.00
Rs 10,001 - Rs 25,000 Rs.25.00 Rs.25.00
Rs 25,001 - Rs 50,000 Rs.35.00 Rs.35.00
Daily Transaction Limit Rs.50,000.00 Rs.50,000.00


S.No Particulars Charges (Rs)
1 CRN Registration Charge Free
2 C-ASBA application charge  Rs.20.00


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